Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vita CoCo mix with apples

Baby food homemade
Vita CoCo pure coconut water mixed with Apples.

My son loves coconut water with pineapple. I put it in mostly everything. When you puree your fruit or vegetables for the baby you can add some of the water from steaming ( which holds most of the nutrient ) or you can add formula. I figured I try something new. And adding coconut water gave my lil-mans food a twist and its great for him.

Vita CoCo pure coconut water with pine apple has more potassium than one banana. Along with other great health nutrient.  

More information about this water : Click here
You can purchase online or in your local store.

Here you will see I already peeled, cut and steamed the apples. I place the apples in a glass bowl after I steam to cool them down. I then place the apples and coconut water into my blender.

My lil -man thinks they taste GREAT!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Baby Creamsicle: Homemade

Creamsicle: sweet potato purée it add vanilla yogurt .. Place it in plastic popcicle trays in freezer. Great for hot Summer days ❤️ recipe created by Mama-Mel

Friday, July 3, 2015

Green Beans Puree - Baby food

Homemade Baby Food
Green beans puree . Easy to make for the busy Mom.

Baby food, green bean puree, baby food green beans

Green beans are another easy and fast to make baby food. first you place the green beans in a bowl and check them for brown spots or parts that are mushy from store handling. I throw these in the garbage .

I then place the green beans in a colander and rinse with cold water to clean any residue or bacteria.

I fill a pot with water ( the blue marker is about how much water you want in your pot). This is for steaming your green beans.

Now, before we do any steaming , cut the green beans in half and snap the ends off. This can all be done by hand. It's quick to do too.

Ok! Now after you snap the ends off and break them in half place them in a colander to steam.

When done steaming place in cold water to stop cooking.

Now, you are ready to puree. The left over water in the pot is used to add to the puree. This water holds a lot of nutrients. It also helps thin out your babies food.

Place green beans and water from pot in blender and puree away Mommy !

And your done. Feed the baby and any left over place in ice cube trays to freeze for later.
( frozen baby foods good for 3 months )

Benjamin Loves Green beans

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Baby Food- Papaya Puree

Home made Baby Food
Papaya puree, step by step instructions. easy to make for the busy mom. And babies LOVE it! 

Baby food puree

Benjamin Loves his Puree Papaya! Easy to make this for your little angel.
First cut the papaya in half long way. Then cut in halves. Gut out the seeds with a large spoon.

Papaya baby food puree

Take your spoon and gut out the meat of the papaya and place in your blender.

Papaya baby food puree

And blend to your desired consistency. I added one Banana. I just sliced the banana into medium slices and added to the Papaya puree. I made this for my Lil- man for breakfast today. The left over I placed in Ice cube trays to freeze and I will label and bag tomorrow.


Read about Papaya nutrition: Click Here

Benjamin Loves Mommy Bliss

Mommy bliss
Benjamin Loves his Mommy Bliss
Mommy Bliss is great for hiccups, toothaches and upset tummies.
Benjamin's Dr. told me about Mommy Bliss on our very first Drs. appt. My son is now 8 months old and I still use it and he loves it. And its all natural.