Thursday, June 4, 2015

Make your own baby food. Dinner - Carrot, Broccoli , Apple and Banana

Steam your baby veggies

I used my big pasta pot . I placed water in it then put my collander in the pot. Place the veggies , cover with pot top and allow to steam until tender. 

Place in your blender cup with added water from the veggie steam
I had left over apple and banana puree that I made early today. I placed that in my blender cup first then added the veggies. I placed the extra water in the big pot into the blender cup ( Use as much water to make it as smooth or chunky as needed for baby) Now blend away.

Place in cube tray and cover with plastic wrap
Place in ice cube tray and freeze. When the cubes are ready place in frozen zip-lock bag and name and date.

Frozen food good for 3 months
Each cube is 1plus ounces

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