Thursday, July 2, 2015

Baby Food- Papaya Puree

Home made Baby Food
Papaya puree, step by step instructions. easy to make for the busy mom. And babies LOVE it! 

Baby food puree

Benjamin Loves his Puree Papaya! Easy to make this for your little angel.
First cut the papaya in half long way. Then cut in halves. Gut out the seeds with a large spoon.

Papaya baby food puree

Take your spoon and gut out the meat of the papaya and place in your blender.

Papaya baby food puree

And blend to your desired consistency. I added one Banana. I just sliced the banana into medium slices and added to the Papaya puree. I made this for my Lil- man for breakfast today. The left over I placed in Ice cube trays to freeze and I will label and bag tomorrow.


Read about Papaya nutrition: Click Here

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