Friday, July 3, 2015

Green Beans Puree - Baby food

Homemade Baby Food
Green beans puree . Easy to make for the busy Mom.

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Green beans are another easy and fast to make baby food. first you place the green beans in a bowl and check them for brown spots or parts that are mushy from store handling. I throw these in the garbage .

I then place the green beans in a colander and rinse with cold water to clean any residue or bacteria.

I fill a pot with water ( the blue marker is about how much water you want in your pot). This is for steaming your green beans.

Now, before we do any steaming , cut the green beans in half and snap the ends off. This can all be done by hand. It's quick to do too.

Ok! Now after you snap the ends off and break them in half place them in a colander to steam.

When done steaming place in cold water to stop cooking.

Now, you are ready to puree. The left over water in the pot is used to add to the puree. This water holds a lot of nutrients. It also helps thin out your babies food.

Place green beans and water from pot in blender and puree away Mommy !

And your done. Feed the baby and any left over place in ice cube trays to freeze for later.
( frozen baby foods good for 3 months )

Benjamin Loves Green beans

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