Monday, January 2, 2017

Xmas in Miami

I hope everybody's Xmas was a success. This was my sons second Xmas and it was truly amazing.
I have to say it was my best Xmas that I've had in many years. Why, you ask. Well it's all about my baby and to see him smile and laugh with excitement as he opened his new gifts from Santa truly made my soul light up with love. I believe he's not getting the concept of the holidays for he is to young but I know he understood toys and it was awesome . The best part of my Xmas was his reaction to this 6foot blown up dolphin my husband and I got him. My son was overwhelmed with happiness that he cried and laughed at same time . I cried with joy in my heart as I held my son in my arms ❤️ Xmas isn't about material things however these material things bring joy to a child that leave memories  imprinted in all our souls and this brings  warmth to my heart ❤️

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