Thursday, February 18, 2016

Planting with your little one ❤️

  • Buy Avocado
  • With knife cut open and take out seed
  • Take two tooth picks and place one on each side of avocado seed.
  • Place in clear glass with water
  • Cover seed half way with water
  • Place in sun by window or outside
  • Watch grow 

Your child will love to watch this seed grow into a beautiful tree. Have Fun!

Here's a link with more information -

Play kids

Go to this link to get Play Play kids -

I Love this application. My son laughs and learns so much with Play kids.
I upload the application to my phone, click the app and he holds it in his little hands .
Very easy for my son to move things around with his fingers.
You have the choice to unlock certain games, books and videos. ( They charge)
I feel there is enough to the app that is free for him to play with.

Your child can learn about the sounds of animals as he clicks on each animal. He can play music with keys, learn numbers, colors and much much more...

Coconut holder for your Plants

I found a coconut out on the streets of Miami. I took it home washed it and set it out in the sun to dry.
I than placed dirt and my ivy plant in it. That's it! Tropical look for my home. Quick ,Easy and Fun!

Baby / Toddler quilt set

Baby and Toddler Tofu dish

This is the ingredients you will need. I also added some spices.
your Toddler is ready for. 
I used pre-cut butternut squash

Steam for 3 microwave

I purchased pre-cut tofu in Publix ( super market)
baked them at 400 degrees for 15 min.
in toaster oven. 

Added spices and tofu to Crushed tomatoes sauce and butternut
squash. Let cook on low for 45. min